Welcome to Shiatsu Massage Bristol


Welcome to Shiatsu Massage Bristol


Welcome to Shiatsu Massage Bristol

What is Shiatsu

Shiatsu massage is a safe, clothed treatment, consisting of a series of firm, stable pressures and stretching, and it works well alongside conventional medicine.

Whether you have a stubborn condition such as lower back pain, sciatica, anxiety or chronic fatigue, or you simply just want to relax and be taken care of, booking in for a massage is a good way to release stress and tensions that trap your vitality.

Shiatsu activates your potential; the natural healing energy in your life, restores the body’s natural self-healing processes and enhances confidence, triggering positive change.

My bodywork is about getting in touch with the body-based intelligence of the person, which helps to find new energies and possibilities. Experiencing Shiatsu is empowering and integrating, and my aim is to help you through this process.

I believe experiencing an attentive touch in a safe and peaceful environment reminds us to relax and take care of ourselves, improving our wellbeing and increasing our vitality.

“Edoardo is one of the best and most intuitive masseurs I’ve seen. He has a patience and calmness to his work that always leaves me feeling relaxed and mobile.”

As written by Carl Jung “Often the hands will solve a mystery that the intellect has struggled with in vain”. In this way, Shiatsu helps to release blocked energies to follow their natural flow, enhancing the vital resources and initiating a self-repairing process.

To receive, Shiatsu is deeply relaxing and invigorating, leaving a feeling of stillness, and strengthening the bond with the body.

Shiatsu massage acts on the nervous system, improving the physical and emotional response to the events of life.
It helps to release stuck energies, following their natural flow. Shiatsu enhances the vital resources, and primes a self-repairing process, leading to an increase of vitality.


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"I have a shiatsu treatment every month with Edoardo, they are different each time but always feel incredible and so powerful! Edoardo is extremely intuitive and seems to know exactly what your body needs, his treatments have a lasting effect for days after. Highly recommend Edoardo's shiatsu for physical and mental well-being, and to help keep the balance in our crazy lives!"

Sasha Amber Baldwin

After treatments, people often describe feeling a clearer mind and a sense of relaxed energy.

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