“I have had 2 Shiatsu sessions with Edoardo so far and they both exceeded my expectations. Edoardo emanates deep presence during the treatment and that makes me instantly relaxed. Skilled, intuitive and professional. Being a massage therapist myself for years I’m quite picky who I go to for treatments and without a thought I’ll be back for more Shiatsu with Edoardo! Highly recommend! Thank you so much Edoardo”

Emilia GzylMassage therapist & Yoga teacher, Bristol

“I receive regular Shiatsu from Edoardo. I particularly enjoy his capacity for stillness, his patience and his skilful use of body weight to vary the pressure of his touch. His apparent focus and commitment are very reassuring as is his willingness to communicate and elicit feedback. I would whole-heartedly recommend Edoardo’s Shiatsu.”

Ross TitmussShiatsu massage therapist, Bristol

“Edoardo is one of the best and most intuitive masseurs I’ve seen. He has a patience and calmness to his work that always leaves me feeling relaxed and mobile”

John HoskenAerialist/performer, Newport

“Edoardo is very gentle, attentive and caring. He made me feel at ease and relaxed. I withheld a lot of pain in my neck and shoulders, and I was able to let go of the pain and trust his hands throughout the treatment. All accompanied by beautiful music in the background. Strongly recommend. Grazie.”

Stella L.B.Psychologist, Bristol